Sanitary ware Replacement and Installation

Sanitary wares such as sinks, toilet bowls and taps are an essential part of any home. Often overlook, sloppy installation of sanitary wares in your home can cause you further problems in the future. This is why we only employ experience Singaporean plumber to assist our clients in their installation of such sanitary wares.

Why proper installation work is crucial?

Sink installation is important. Improper insulation would cause leaks which can damage any wooden cabinet or framework that is surrounding your sink. This is especially true if yours is mounted onto a table top. The damage wood would cost a lot to repair or in the worst case, it could result in the replacement of your entire kitchen cabinet.

Type of Installation Work Provided:

 Pipe replacement and installation
 toilet bowl replacement and installation
 Sink replacement and installation
 Tap replacement and installation
 bathroom accessories installation
 water heater installation and replacement.